Coopr is being renamed as Pyomo

The Coopr software will soon be renamed as Pyomo! Coopr has been an umbrella software project that includes Pyomo and other software components. However, most users first and foremost use Coopr's Pyomo modeling package. Thus, many users describe their model as a "Pyomo model" even when it relies on advanced modeling extensions in Coopr. In fact, even Coopr developers often discuss "Pyomo" developments.

Given this confusion, we have decided to clearly brand this software as Pyomo. Later this fall, Pyomo 4.0 will be released. The source repository will be changed to reflect the name change. A new Pyomo home page will be hosted at, and the Pyomo Trac site will be reworked to more clearly be a site for Pyomo developers.

There will also be some new features in Pyomo 4.0. More details coming soon!