Announcing Release of Pyomo 4.0.9682

We are pleased to announce the release of Pyomo 4.0 (4.0.9682). Pyomo is a collection of Python software packages that supports a diverse set of optimization capabilities for formulating and analyzing optimization models.

This release patch release for Pyomo 4.0.9638.  The following are highlights of this release:

- Modeling
   * Added a ComplementarityList component

- Solvers
   * PySP test baseline updates

- Other
   * Bug fix for pickling results objects
   * Performance fix for ordered sets
   * Resolving a bug that disabled pyodbc support.
   * Added preliminary support for pypyodbc.
   * Fix to enable sets to be initialized with a tuple
   * Re-enabled the 'import' and 'export' Pyomo data commands, which
     are still deprecated.
   * Various performance enhancements to avoid iterating over list of
     dictionary keys.

See for installation options and documentation for getting started with Pyomo.


 - Pyomo Developer Team

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