Pyomo-fest Aachen, Germany

Users and potential users are invited to attend a workshop concerning Pyomo. We can change the schedule a little to accommodate participants but the plan is as follows:
Wednesday, 16. March: Tutorials for new users and review of new features for advanced users
Thursday, 17. March: User presentations and advanced topics
Friday, 18. March: Collaboration and advanced topics

The workshop will be held at RWTH Aachen:
Aixtron A
Ground floor, Room number Se1
Kackerstraße 15, Aachen, Germany

If you plan to participate, please send an email to

Alexander Mitsos; Aachen University;
Bill Hart; Sandia National Laboratories;
Carl Laird; Purdue University;
John Siirola; Sandia National Laboratories;
Jean-Paul Watson: Sandia National Laboratories;
David Woodruff; UC Davis;