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If you use Pyomo for your work, please cite the Pyomo book (bibtex) and the Pyomo paper (bibtex).
If you use PySP for your work, please cite the PySP paper (bibtex).
If you use Pyomo.DAE for your work, please cite the Pyomo.DAE paper (bibtex).

The Pyomo Book

Hart, William E., Carl D. Laird, Jean-Paul Watson, David L. Woodruff, Gabriel A. Hackebeil, Bethany L. Nicholson, and John D. Siirola. Pyomo – Optimization Modeling in Python. Second Edition.  Vol. 67. Springer, 2017.

The Second Edition of the book describes capabilities in the Pyomo 5.x series.  The First Edition (2012) describes the capabilities from the Coopr 3.1 release.  Some changes beginning in the Pyomo 4.0 release are not backwards compatible with the First Edition.


Other Publications

Hart, William E., Jean-Paul Watson, and David L. Woodruff. "Pyomo: modeling and solving mathematical programs in Python." Mathematical Programming Computation 3(3) (2011): 219-260.

Watson, Jean-Paul, David L. Woodruff, and William E. Hart. "PySP: modeling and solving stochastic programs in Python." Mathematical Programming Computation 4(2) (2012): 109-149.

Nicholson, Bethany, John D. Siirola, Jean-Paul Watson, Victor M. Zavala, and Lorenz T. Biegler. "pyomo.dae: a modeling and automatic discretization framework for optimization with differential and algebraic equations." Mathematical Programming Computation 10(2) (2018): 187-223.

Watson, Jean-Paul, and David L. Woodruff. "Progressive hedging innovations for a class of stochastic mixed-integer resource allocation problems." Computational Management Science 8(4) (2011): 355-370.

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